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How To Search MLS

The MLS Home Searching tools can make your home search process so much easier! There are many options that allow you to narrow down your search to your specific preferences.

How to search by type of dwelling/home:

property type search
There are a variety of different types of properties you can choose from, by using the Property Types selection area. Simply check the boxes for the type of properties that interest you. For example, you can choose to only select Condo if you wish to only view condo options. Remember - there are small arrows that allow you to scroll up and down in the list - it is a longer list than the interface originally shows on the screen. Click on the arrows to find more options to select.

How to search by school district:

search by school district in Austin
Click on the School District tab in the interface.
Use the drop down selection field to choose the school district you prefer to search in.
The results of your search should then be narrowed down to the area of this district.

How to search by neighborhood:

Click on the Subdivision tab in the interface.

search by Austin neighborhood

Type in the name of the subdivision that you are interested in, and click the Update button. To view a list of subdivions in the area, click on a letter in the alphabetical links.

How to search the MLS by County name or City name:

search by county or city on the MLS

Click the County/City tab in the MLS search interface. Select the preferred County in the dropdown select field if you want to narrow it down by County. Or, you can leave County set to All if you wish, and only select particular City names by highlighting the city name in the right column areas.

How to search the MLS by zip code or address:

search mls by address or zip

Click on the Address/Zip tab of the MLS searching interface.
You can type in a street name in the first field and click Update, or you can enter just a zip code in the 2nd field and click Update.

Use quick search:

quick search mls

With this convenient tool, you can enter a particular piece of information such as an address or zip code to locate a property listing on the MLS.

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